Coastal Life (for 6 weeks)

We’ve been at the coast for almost 6 weeks now. It’s been relaxing here on the beach. Our project here is almost finished and then we’re moving once again. We’re hoping to be settled in one location soon.


Oregon Coast

There is a wonderful farmer’s market that we visit each Saturday. The veggies this time of year are the first of the spring plantings. Tender carrots and leafy greens in all shades from light to dark, curling cucumbers and so much more. Being able to pick up only what we need for the week has been ideal. The availability of a meat market has been refreshing and we’ve picked up bones for making broth. The weather isn’t what you would call warm, I’ve been making light soups for our lunches. The fresh bone broth is the best foundation for a nutritious soup. The Sourdough bread and baked goods are all baked fresh that morning. If you are willing to get there early and stand in line for a few minutes you can get these wonderful pieces of goodness: a round loaf, a baguette and many different sweets to choose from.

Studio Session Spinach-1652

Fresh Spinach


I love the markets this time of year. It brings back the simple pleasures of real food. One of the most difficult parts of traveling every few weeks (or months) is not always having real food to choose from. Being in a place where you can’t  put up or even stock up on the goodness of nutritious foods,  makes one want to just get it all, once you get to a place that has it.

With not much to keep me busy I’ve had time to read and refresh some skills. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, it’s a place where I can let myself relax. There’s just no place like the kitchen of a home. I travel with my own cooking equipment and kitchen supplies and I’ve cooked on just about every type of stove. It usually takes me a few weeks to get the feel of it. Starting out on a new stove I tend to generally overcook the foods. Having my own equipment helps me to adjust a little faster than if I had an all new kitchen and all new equipment. I’ve started sourdough, some kombucha and have put up some fermented foods. I’m not sure that they will travel well. However, we are only going a couple hours away so I wanted to give it a try. It’s been awhile since I’ve made foods from scratch like this and I’ve been missing it.  Well, that and purchasing them from a store or market can throw a budget out the door.

Studio Session Practice-1735

Fresh Salsa

At the next stop I will be bringing the grain grinder and stand mixer to make my own sourdough bread. I’ll also bring a few more jars for fermenting, soaking and sprouting, making kombucha and ginger ale. I want to try my hand at making cheese and other dairy goodness

One more Saturday shopping the Farmers Market at the coast and then it’s inland with different markets to explore. Another Road Trip to find the best source of local Real Food.


Food Photography (1 of 1)

A bounty of red


The colors of the Season.


Food Photography (2 of 1)


Peppermint Bark

Peppermint_Bark (1 of 3)

A Christmas Treat


Real Foods and Road Trips

Food Photography (3 of 11)

fall bounty

Hi, I’m Deb Roedell, wife, mother, grandmother and photographer. Bring nutritious food to the table has been a life joy. Although I’m not the best of cooks, I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I put on my apron, wash my hands and open the fridge. I’m ready to start the day’s meals. Gathering nutritious and healing food takes time. Finding them can be a fun challenge. I love the weekend farmers markets and local growers that work so hard to produce real food. Each season brings different food to work with new challenges to make them taste their best. I’m looking forward to preparing and cooking these foods and sharing them with you through words and photographs.

Please join me on this Road Trip to finding, cooking and enjoying these amazing Real Foods.

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