Real Food and Road Trips


fresh lemonade

Lemonade for a warm afternoon

Hi, I’m Deb Roedell, food photographer, who has discovered a love of Real Foods. Food that is grown and raised the way it was meant. Food that feeds and heals our bodies.

I’m taking Road Trips to find these Real Foods.  The trips bring me to farms, farmer’s markets, locale stores and eateries. Each location has great and amazing new foods to offer as each season passes. I enjoy talking with the people at the markets and the farmers that grow these Real Foods. They pass on great ideas how to cook the produce that they grown and raise.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen I’m ready to pull out my cookbooks and get cooking with Real Foods. There are so many great recipes that showcase how good Real Foods can and do taste. These recipes also have me brushing up on some old techniques as well as learning some new one.

Please join me on this Road Trip to finding, cooking and enjoying these amazing Real Foods.